Saturday, September 21, 2013

Early Risers

Ashley's Rant

I dearly miss sleeping in. 
This morning Lexi slept a little longer than usual and woke up at 7:30. I walked to her room and brought her back to bed hoping she would go back to sleep. 

I fell asleep super fast but then I was suddenly awaken.  I couldn't help but laugh because apparently Lexi thought I needed s binky and forced hers in my mouth. 
Very nice, but I prefer no binky. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sleep Training.

Ashley's Rant

Sleep Training.

So worth it. 
That is what I say to my self every time I lay Lexi down. Yes sure, sometimes there is crying. Usually only 20 seconds. I know when she is tired, so that helps. She knows that laying down means its time to go night night.

You know your kid is tired when you lay them down and they just look up at you and say, " thank you!' with their sleepy, heavy, red eyes.

Also, with sleep training Lexi and I are both sleeping better at night, and her naps are a lot longer too! She is still between 1-2 naps at day but I don't mind. It seems she knows when bed time is she so will usually get sleep no matter what around 8:30. Every now and then those wonderful days come where she only takes one nap and ends up going to bed around 7:30. Of course by 9:30 I am missing her already.

Last night, I was laying in bed missing my little girl and thought to my self...if she cries I'm gonna go get her because I need my snuggles.
Less than an hour later... SHE CRIED! Of course she would of just gone back to sleep, but it was a sign!
If you baby is having trouble sleeping, let them cry it out. Its worth it! Its worth it! ITS WORTH IT!
I'm so glad Lexi is on a schedule and doesn't just crash wherever! That works for some people, but for me..nap and and bed time become my quite hours! They are much needed and so glad I can depend on them!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do they ever listen?

Ashley's Rant

I will never understand why Lexi loves to play with the dog food in the bowl. It drives me insane.  Especially when she puts it in the water.  She is still to young to understand when I tell her no... or she just doesn't listen. It really annoyed me more than normal tonight.  Do they ever start to listen?? Also, after a year of getting pajamas on, you would think she knows it only takes ten seconds if you sit still. Why oh why must you fight me! Now that shes asleep and its quite, I think I will head to bed my self.  Enjoy this lovely photo taken after our evening.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Need a laugh?

I found some funny photos online.
Had to share! 
Do you have any favorite photos you want to share with or without a story?

 Couldn't be more true. 

Any other moms feel like this photo is perfect?

Ashley Rants on Clothing

The Rants of a Mother
By: Ashley

Ranting. I feel like I do it a lot. Today, I was very annoyed. Not with my child, but with stores! Lexi is currently in that stage where hardly anything is fitting her. I went all over town looking for 18-24 month clothes-especially shirts. No one has any good clearance or sales. I have never been one to buy new clothes for Lexi...or even my self. I have always bought used clothes, but now that Lexi is mobile and messy, used clothing for her age is pretty worn and disgusting. So, here is to spending a little more money...which I don't have! Babies are expensive! That was a useless rant, but a mother needs to vent!

The Rants of a Mother:Introduction

The Rants of a Mother.
I decided to start a blog so I, ( a mother) could rant. I'm sure friends on facebook get tired of seeing my post and questions about mother hood. Some days there is those moments where you need a whole page to write/vent. A status bar just won't do! So, that's why I decided to create a new blog. I decided not to use my personal family blog because I thought it might be fun if other moms wanted to be a contributor to the blog or post stories or rants as well! If you would like to be a frequent or even a one time contributor, please send me an email with the following:
1.Name and location
2.Mother of how many?
3.Photo of you and your child or just you
4.Your post!
Email to me, Ashley @